Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Restocking the Inventory

Since the birth of my youngest thirteen months ago today, I have curtailed my business travel considerably. I often travelled with a firearm to get in some range time. (When at home, I try to spend as much time with my family as possible and though the oldest goes to the range with me, the younger ones are still – even for my parenting – a bit too young to go.)

Curtailed along with my travel is also the number of new shooters I make. Last year, I “created” better than a dozen new shooters. I “introduced” about twice that many and “re-introduced” shooting to a handful.

“Why Arky, I didn’t realize you could go to the range instead of to the movies.”

“Yes. And you’re not giving your money to lefty-Hollywood types.”

Well this weekend, I have plans to take a flaming liberal, and later his wife, to the range. His parents were pacifists. He heard that there were bits of iron and wood used to sling projectiles very quickly but had never even held a firearm.

His wife was raised around guns but went to college and received a degree in psychology.

Fortunately nothing bad has happened to precipitate the purchase of a firearm but they want one for home defense. The plan is for him to become familiar with firearms and then for her to become familiar. Once they are well versed in usage and safety, they are going to get guns for home defense.

If I have anything to do with it, they will also practice often and apply for their conceal handgun licenses. Once they realize that they are responsible for their own defense, they will hopefully realize that they are responsible for their own finances, medical care, retirement, and children.

If I do my job well, they will then teach others these traits too.

Hopefully this will all happen before the election but I will take victories whenever I can get them.

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