Sunday, October 19, 2008

Any One of These

There is a double standard in politics with the TLA news agencies. Everyone knows this. On there are nearly three million “hits” when doing a search for “right wing”. There are only half of that for “left wing.” We can safely surmise that CNN refers to people as “right wing” twice as often as they refer to someone as “left wing.” (Although personally, I now have no regard for anyone that CNN does not prefix with “right wing” or “far right” or “ultra conservative.”)

Having said that, if any Republican politician supported any of the following views, he would be crucified on the nightly news:

  • Registering for the draft mandatory for men and women;
  • Creation of a government agency the size of the military and with as much power but focused on combating “terrorism” domestically (I would also lay money that people like Bill Ayers would not make their short list);
  • Spreading the wealth around;
  • Bitter people clinging to guns and religion.

Palin is crucified for a lot of things she has said or did not say. However, for these Biden receives a “free pass”:

  • Inviting a paraplegic to stand next to him on stage (when he was clearly in a wheelchair;
  • One easy to remember, three letter word: “JOBS. J-O-B-S”;
  • Saying that one must be a Pakistani or Indian to own a liquor store;
  • Receiving enemy fire from snowflakes.

I do not expect any news outlets to be fair anymore. I probably should but my cynicism has had the better of me. On that note, had Cindy McCain said she was never proud of her country until Senator McCain’s presidential nomination, both she and Senator McCain would never hear the end of it – or at least would not hear the end of it until November fifth.

If Cindy McCain had said that we would no longer be allowed to be cynical, she would be painted as a psychotic cow unworthy of life.

Micelle Obama should take note to that last too, since she and her husband are among the top purveyors of cynicism in the world.

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