Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Difficult Question for Vote Fraud

…or maybe it is not so difficult.

Here is the situation:

You are an Ohio resident and you see ACORN shuttling a group of what look to be homeless people into the polls on Election Day. After casting your vote, you stay to watch them. Once they are through the lines, you follow them to another polling station where they then queue to vote again.

You tell a policeman about it but he refuses to do anything. “That’s a Federal thing.”

What do you do?

When I initially thought of this, I told myself that I would wait until they were back in their bus and then commit unspeakable acts of violence upon them.

Once I had given it a second thought – and upon realizing that I do not keep a Molotov cocktail for just such occasions in the truck – I determined that I would, to the best of my abilities, enact a citizen’s arrest. Here is what I would like to think I would do:

I would video the offense (does not every one have a camera phone nowadays?). I would block the shuttle with my vehicle. I would then announce to the driver and everyone on the shuttle that I was arresting them. Then, with that handy camera phone, I would call the Federal Bureau of Investigation and tell them what I had done. If they did not respond, I would keep going through the government alphabet soup agencies until I reached the correct one.

Should the driver, homeless people, or ACORN lawyers attempt to stop me or to escape, I would then brandish my firearm. If the situation turned “messy” after that, I would accept whatever the consequences may be.

When an individual commits voter fraud, it is a criminal act. When an organization does, at least to me, it is no different than a coup d’état.

(Something to note, deadly force is authorized for use in preventing escape from custody in the State of Texas. This does not mean that ACORN bus drivers may be summarily executed in downtown Dallas unless, of course, it is done solely for fun.)

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