Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Favorite Blogs

For the longest time, I have not had a "favorite blogs" section. There has been no reason for this other than it has not been a priority for me.

However, the Old Warrior from the Air has started blogging and I would rather face an enemy machine gun nest than have to explain to him why he is not on my "favorite blogs". (Given that he packed three 7.62 x 51 millimeter Gatling guns in addition to sundry rockets pods not that long ago makes a single crew-served machine gun seem slightly lack luster anyway.)

Semper Fi, Old Warrior!

1 comment:

Old Warrior From The Air said...

How could I not start blogging when we have so much to question. Semper Fi to you marine, you have my pride and thanks.

Don't know if a blog will help, but maybe, if we stay with truth, someone will listen.

The Old Warrior from the Air