Thursday, June 26, 2008

Small Mediums

I hear a lot of people saying that Barack Obama is channeling Jimmy Carter. Others will counter if that is the case, then John McCain is channeling Bob Dole.

I have no arguments with either group.

What Right

With the Heller case decided today, John McCain said that he thought the decision was Well and Good. Barack Obama said that he favors an individual's right to bear firearms as well as a government's right to regulate them.

(This, by the way, is BHO's game plan: assiduously avoid all issues and, failing that, take both sides. Additionally, except a vote for barring governments from confiscating firearms in emergencies, there is absolutely nothing in his legislative past that supports the former but plenty to support the latter.)

What bothers me about the way that is worded - much like the statements of many politicos in favor of the Kelo decision - is the use of the word "right" to describe a power of government.

Democratic governments have authority, sovereignty, duty, etc. They do not have "rights" per se.

One could argue that a government "of the people" collectively has rights. Since this argument is only used for the abatement of individual rights with no merit on its own, it does not hold.

Rights are to protect liberty, not to promote government authority.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Barack's Fixed Quotes

Fixed for Obama:

"They fought together as brothers-in-arms. They died together and now they sleep side by side. To them, we have a solemn obligation. Whatever. I still had to pay back my college loans. What have they done for me lately?"

"No matter how long it takes to overcome this premeditated invasion, the American people, in their righteous might abundant hope, will win achieve peace through absolute victory compromise and discussions."

On the U.S. and allied service men fighting in Iraq:

"They had have no right to win, yet they did do. And in doing so, they changed messed up the course of a war... Even against the greatest of odds wishes of the Democrat Party."

And on the U.S. Democrat Party:

"There is something in the human spirit - a magic blend of skill, faith, and valor conniving, hope, cowardice, that can lift men from certain defeat victory to incredible victory defeat."

On surrendering to facism:

"Today the guns are silent except whence we retreated. A great tragedy has ended and a new one begun. A great victory peace has been won negotiated. The skies no longer rain death for now. The seas bear only commerce for our enemies overlords new allies. Men everywhere walk upright in the sunlight except where they are imprisoned for their beliefs. The entire world quietly at peace - as though the living were no more."

On the military:

"Our debt to the heroic men and valiant women in the service of our country can never be repaid tried. They have earned recieved our undying gratitude contempt. America will never forget deny their sacrifices."

"We are determined that before the sun sets on this terrible struggle our flag will be recognized throughout the world as a symbol of freedom surrender on the one hand and of overwhelming force appeasement on the other."

Friday, June 06, 2008

Another Rock & Hard Place for Dems

I mentioned that having to choose between Hillary and Al Gore for Democrats would be like having to choose between the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet.

Now, they are looking at Obama as their nominee. However, there are a lot of Hillary supporters that just will not go for him.

John McCain, for all of his other faults, could also beat Obama like a cheap rug - should, you know, he actually choose to do it.

Additionally, it is also being said that an Obama / Clinton ticket is unbeatable.

Should Obama get Hillary on board as the Vice President nominee, and should she not come into some terrible accident soon after the election, the only thing keeping her from being President will be his beating heart.

Monday, June 02, 2008

The Real Bush Conspiracy

Have you ever heard the phrase, “What if they gave a war and nobody came?”

I never credited George W. Bush to any conspiracy but his Big Plot just dawned on me.

I read this morning that Michael Bloomberg, who apparently could not be tolerated by either Democrats or Republicans, is being considered the running mate for John McCain and Barack Obama.

When I mentioned this to my wife, she asked, “Does he want anyone to vote for him?”

It seems that there is wide spread discontent with both John McCain and Barack Obama (who does have quite a strong following I understand but not among anyone old enough to vote).

I am convinced the candidate “short list” is George W. Bush’s doing: If we have an election and nobody votes for president, he would be the president for another four years.

And to my wife:
Thank you for the last fourteen wonderful years!