Thursday, September 04, 2008

Still Being Honest with Myself

When the Democrat election primaries came to either Senator Obama or Senator Clinton, I was critical of both. My primary complaint about Senator Obama was that he had absolutely no substance. My primary complaint(s) about Senator Clinton is her substance was similar to that left on the fields by a large bovine.

I asked the Democrats to provide some substance for their nominee. Now Senator Barack has been filling in the blanks. He still has the substance of warm Jello – excrement flavored Jello that is ten times as “flavorful” as Senator Clinton’s to be exact and we are all expected to eat it.

I am now in a similar situation with my own party though. Senator McCain’s campaign website,, allows for quick access to the issues and the campaign platform. What it does not articulate well are the goals of the administration. There are some exceptions, such as a balanced budget by 2013, but for the most part does not, especially in comparison to Barack Obama’s website.

I do not ask that the campaign go into the detail that the Obama site does; I do not believe that the position of President is that of a “super Senator” who drafts legislation as well as executes it. (If Senators Obama and Biden win the election, I can foresee a massive problem with separations of powers where aides to Obama are drafting legislation and giving it to congress to “pass”.)

I do ask that a better explanation of what spending will be cut – and I really, audaciously hope that it will.

Perhaps it is best not to go into too great of detail about their plans. I know from their platform that I will vote for them. Others who likely would vote for them may not if they discover that their favorite “pork project” is going to be “axed”.

I just ask for some meat and to please leave the Jello back in Congress.

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