Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tippy Would Be Proud

When I was but a wee child, I went to a Mexicanish restaurant of dubious standards. While there I had a “meat” taco made from a chopped off-brand hotdog. The meat was higher quality than the cheese or the lettuce or pretty much everything else that Tippy Taco served.

The Tippy Taco of yore is not to be confused with today’s Tippy’s Taco House. I can tell you from the pictures alone, Tippy’s Taco House cannot compete with the glorious memories that I have of Tippy Taco of Texas.

Is it possible for Mexican food to be vulgar?

Some would argue that there is no such thing as “good” Mexican food but I disagree. I worked in Mexico City regularly (as a travelling telecommunications consultant) and can verify that there is such a thing. There is just no such thing as good Mexican beer. (Much like Taco Bell though, I will still have Mexican beer on occasion.)

There is Mexican food and there is Tex-Mex food. I prefer the latter but often enjoy the former.

There is also the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Tippy Taco won top honors in the last two categories.

Tippy Taco was neither Mexican nor Tex-Mex cuisine. It was Tex-Mex as prepared by someone who heard from someone who heard from a Martian how to prepare Mexican dog food.

I did not eat at Tippy Taco today. Instead, I brought my lunch to work expecting to eat it. Instead of that last instead, I was treated to lunch by one of my colleague’s boss who took us to El Fenix.

The Fenix has not risen. The Tippy hatchling is still buried in her ash.

I thought to myself, “This must be the Mexican food equivalent of National Health Care.”

I shall hereafter refer to El Fenix as Barfy’s Recycled Mexican Food and Discount Fertilizer.


Weetabix said...

A while after I'd moved to Fairbanks from Houston, I got a hankering for some Tex-Mex. My wife and I went to a new restaurant in town. The waiter asked if we wanted chips and salsa.


He brought out a bowl of salsa and a bowl of .... Ruffles.

The rest of the meal was on par. It's not that the ingredients were bad or the food itself mistreated. But it wasn't Tex-Mex.

Sometimes I miss Texas.

Shawn McManus said...

When my oldest was just over a year, we were at my grandparents'-in-law house.

They had several chips and several dips (both food and relatives) there.

My oldest was using the Ruffles with the salsa. Actually, she was scoping salsa out and slurping it from the chip then double dipping.

Once the chip was too soggy to hold anymore salsa, she returned it to the bowl of Ruffles.

Because she was one, everyone thought it was cute and took pictures.

Weetabix said...

That's actually amazingly cute.

Of course, I have to admit all of my girls had me wrapped around their fingers.

Shawn McManus said...

I'm guessing you were commenting on my oldest's quote, "I kinda like the one I already have."

The think w/ O, she's always saying things like that and usually, not even trying to be cute.