Sunday, September 14, 2008

Archive - Another Darndest Thing

I keep a journal of my family, travel, and anything else that may interest me. I do not write regularly in it but only when something occurs "worth writing home about." This blog is a part of my writings. It was originally my goal that this be political in scope with some peripheral topics, much like Kim du Toit's original site, (His site - along with my wife - prompted me to start this one.)

Recently I was going through some old journal entries and happened upon an old entry that would also qualify as "a darndest thing."

From May 10th, 2005 (with names removed - O is my oldest and P was my youngest / is my middlest - because I prefer not use my friends' or familys' names when blogging)...

My Oldest and Her Sibling(s)

A week or so back:

My wife and I are considering having another child. We tried to think of it from our eldest's and youngest's points of view as well. We are sure that toddler P is not ready (or at least does not want) to be a middle child. O, having gone through the first two years of P, we had figured would be more amenable to having another sibling. But we asked her anyway…

Us: “O, what do you think about having another sibling?”
O: “Well… I kinda like the one I already have.”


Weetabix said...

Toddler comments delight me. My middle girl was riding in the backseat one Christmas season, just ruminating in the way kids do.

After a while, she piped up, "If I were alive when Jesus were born, I'd believe in him."

Expecting something spiritual, we asked, "Oh, yeah? Why is that?"

She said, "Regular babies don't glow."

Shawn McManus said...


When did you post this? I have comments moderated but don't remember seeing it.

That's cute.

Weetabix said...

I think I posted it shortly after your post. You're on my daily read list, so if I have some thought I just can't keep to myself I usually express it pretty quickly. ;-)

My wife used to keep a calendar hanging in the hallway for each kid. When they said something really cute like that, she's write it down on the date. I need to ask her what ever became of those calendars.