Saturday, August 30, 2008

That Kind of Week

My dad tells a story of a problem he had with his bank while stationed in Germany…

Withdrawing money from a second- or third-party check over a certain amount would require a waiting period for the check first clear. One payday, my dad had need of an amount larger than that set limit but that should not have been a problem because he already had the money he needed to withdraw in his account, paycheck notwithstanding.

When it was his turn with the teller, he gave her the check, deposit slip, and withdrawal slip. She explained that he was withdrawing too much and would have to wait until his check cleared.

He then said that he had the money for the withdrawal and to please proceed with the transaction.

This puzzled the woman who repeated her last.

He explained that he already had the money in the account and would like to withdraw it, in addition to making a deposit.

She then explained that for him to withdraw the amount of money he was asking, he would have to wait until the check cleared. Instead, he could withdraw that certain amount that was less than what he needed.

This could not be considered a “lost in translation” moment because my dad spoke German fluently. The line that had formed behind him – mostly Germans – also understood what he was doing. That did not stop them from being annoyed with him, of course. He is an American.

He then told her that the amount he was withdrawing from his account was already in his account and from credits to it that had already cleared and please process the damn transaction.

Exasperated and on her way to Being In Tears, she says she cannot and that he would have to wait and would he please either leave or accept the smaller amount.

I do not remember how the story ended but if I recall, he just deposited his check and left.

I try not to let the small things get to me but this last week has really felt like that encounter.


Weetabix said...

Imagine yourself in your happy place, aiming at a source of frustration.

Shawn McManus said...


Actually, I cannot see shooting anyone over anything that happened last week.

Their computers on the other hand would make for fine long distance practice.