Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Win-Win Situation

I hear that Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson is on the short list of Senator John McCain’s vice-president nominees.

If she is nominated and if she accepts, she should relinquish her post in the Senate. Senator McCain should also relinquish his post in the Senate once he officially receives the Republican Party nomination. Senator Obama should also relinquish his post in the Senate once he officially receives the Democrat Party nomination. Senator Biden… Is anyone else sensing a pattern here?

When a politician is running for an office other than the one he currently holds, and is that office is not due for reelection, he should resign his post. This is something that Democrats never do. Republicans are nearly as bad.

The last election that I can remember a sitting senator resigning his post to campaign for another office was Senator Bob Dole. That did not work very well for him so I can only hope – another one of my audacious hopes – that the current crop of senators will relinquish their seats to be appointed by their respective states governors.

This would really be great. Even if the Arizona governor is a Democrat, it would mean that Texas could be rid of Senator Hutchinson. I have no ill will toward my senior senator but if I were writing a campaign slogan for her it would be,

“Kay Bailey Hutchinson: Too liberal for Texas but just about right for most of America.”

This would allow Governor Perry to appoint a more conservative, more to Texas’ taste senator.

And of course, that is also an audacious hope. Were I to write a campaign slogan for him it would be,

“Governor Perry: Too liberal for Texas but more conservative than most of the dunderheads in Washington.”


Thud said...

It worked out even better!

Shawn McManus said...

I know many have said it but she really does remind me of a younger, much prettier Fred Thompson.

I only wish Texas could have been rid of Kay. She's nice and all and perhaps still has a few good horses in the stable but she's neither as conservative as she once was nor as she needs to be.