Friday, July 25, 2008

Shiftless Flopping and Tasty Crow

When Obama said that the SCOTUS ruling on Heller merely confirmed his own view, he was being completely honest.

He believes that the right to bear arms is an individual right. He also believed that the D.C. gun ban was un-Constitutional before he believed it was Constitutional before he believed it was un-Constitutional.

The problem is that while he believes ownership of weapons to be an individual right, he has no problem violating rights. Violating rights is Constitutional and un-Constitutional and double plus good or ungood to him.

I understand he wants a civil force to combat terrorism of the same size and scope of our military.

Should this come to pass, I can see a time that we would have to quarter government agents because the sheer number of government employees would not be able to subsist on taxes only, but only by the labor of man. Sorry, I was starting to get a bit Biblical there.

And these gross violations of our rights would be Constitutional because they would be civilians, not soldiers, and therefore, not violating the Third Amendment.

Wow. I am either getting terribly cynical or a bit loony.

I am now in a similar position that I had wished for Democrats. A while ago, I had hoped that Hillary Clinton would be in a tight primary race with Al Gore and Democrats would have to choose between the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet.

I wrote a few years ago after the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Bill had been passed into law. In that post I encouraged anyone who could vote against McCain to do so (even though he was not running for election in 2006).

Now I have to eat those words if I want my country to have any chance for sustained freedom. (The diminishing of our freedom through taxes and regulation is the “change” espoused by Obama.) And, "no", Barr is not going to win and I would rather a working solution that an ideological one. I do not share the same ideologies with Barr for that matter.

Here goes...


Vote against Obama. Vote for McCain.

Suppress gag reflex.

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