Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ummm… That One

This evening I was following the horse race, i.e. the United States presidential race, and saw that Obama lost some ground in a few states following his Iraq / European junket.

This is really no surprise; he did not have the American flag flying at his speech in Berlin. I do not know about any other speech locations but would not be surprised if they were not flown in those places either. He did not visit wounded service men. His campaign said it would not be “proper” since it was a campaign trip and he did not want to be seen as “using them for photo ops.” He said he was visiting as a “citizen of the world” and apologizing for the United States being the United States.

One thing I distinctly remember though was a speculation before his trip that he would “pull away” in the polls. I believe this is called a “bounce.” I cannot remember if this prediction was from his campaign or from a news caster. If it was from his campaign, then we have a bit of historical reinterpretation here.

His campaign is claiming that they did not expect a bounce from the trip. I have trouble believing that. Why make the trip at all?

With all of that in mind, I went to talk to my wife. When I entered the room, she was sitting there with my oldest daughter.

I never give my daughter any credit for her political acumen. There are more important things in her world such as algebra and Not Talking About Boys.

But when I opened the conversation with “straight from the double-talk express,” she asked, “Which one?”

I was stumped.

She knows that I am no fan of John McCain. She also knows that I am totally against Barack Obama. How did she know I was even talking politics except that she knows that “double-talk” is synonymous with politicians?

Instead of “a horse race” I think I will start referring to the Presidential race as a “horse’s ass race.”

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