Monday, February 18, 2008

Magic Number

I heard a talking head on the radio once say that “anyone who runs fifteen miles or more a week will never be fat.” I did not realize that there was a set distance that one could run to deny what nature would take for granted. It sounded to me like a contrived statistic stated with the confidence one only has when one is required to be a subject authority but in reality has not a clue.

Well… I have increased my running to more than fourteen miles a week since the beginning of the year. I am not fat – nor was I before increasing my distance – but I have managed to trim that fat I did have.

I am guessing that around fifteen miles, the body reaches equilibrium. It burns the calories needed to carry the weight of those calories, regardless of the number of calories consumed. If any fewer than that, a body will be able to store the extra calories. If any more than that, a body will need additional calories specifically to compensate for the exercise.

…Or I could be totally incorrect. For what it’s worth… Your mileage may vary… &c.

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