Tuesday, February 19, 2008

As Warm Jell-O

Since Barack Obama is not getting enough unadulterated criticism from conservatives in general, I have decided that I will go through some issues on his website and offer my counterpoints.

I should also add that Barack Obama could be hog-tied in a room with Michael Savage berating him twenty-four hours a day and he still would not be getting enough unadulterated criticism.

For a long time, I have been searching for a comprehensive list of issues and his related stances on them. I have been advised to “check his website” for this. Unfortunately, this still comes far short of anything substantive. Unless he “goes on” with Rush Limbaugh or the like, it also appears that none of these will be brought to light by interviews of him either.

Some – relatively “hot button” – issues that are not mentioned on his site are as follows:

  • The United States involvement in the United Nations
  • The United Nations involvement in the United States
  • Gun Rights / 2nd Amendment
  • States rights
  • Taxes
  • Spending
  • Foreign Aid
  • Social Security
  • Supreme Court Justices
Even the content of his site lacks substance. His site addresses two issues: use of diplomacy and the use of the military. Except that it really does not. He talks of building our military and arming it while his Senate record refutes it.

One issue that his site really ignores is taxation. It mentions a lot of lofty goals but no where does it mention how to fund them.

Obama continually speaks of hope. I must say that right now I hope he does not win the Presidency.

The only thing that is certain with an Obama administration is higher taxes.

Everything else is without form, meaning, or essence.

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