Saturday, October 13, 2007

Phony Politicians

I find it ridiculous that a Senator is engaging in a war of words with a talk-show host. Specifically, I am referring to Senator Harry Reid and radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh. Reid has accused Rush Limbaugh of saying something that he did not say.

When he failed to eliminate Rush from the air, he, in true Democrat fashion, tried to humiliate Rush. That is, he insisted that Rush apologize for any misunderstandings from what he may or may not have said. (By the way, this tactic is used often in the Middle East and in Far East Asia. If you fail to beat an opponent, do what you can to humiliate him.)

I may agree with Senator Reid on some issues but for the most part, I believe him to be a charlatan. The same applies to John Murtha in the House.

These men put forth rhetoric that in many cases is detrimental to the servicemen they claim to be supporting. Often, they are so over-the-top that one cannot but help question their sincerity and veracity.

John Murtha, or others in his name, use his military service to make him an authority on military matters. I have known many in the military and know that having been in the service does not automatically make one an authority. It provides a valuable insight but it is possible that the lowest private still has a better grasp on things than his captain. That is not likely but it can happen. A sergeant may have a better grasp on things than his captain. Now that is likely.

When in the reserve, one of my Marines went "UA." That means "Unauthorized Absence." It is often referred to as AWOL, or Absent With Out Leave, which is a type of UA. Had we been on active duty, he would have also been classified as a deserter.

It was odd for a man such as this to act in such a manner. He was promoted to Corporal ahead of his peers. He had received many Letters of Appreciation and also a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal.

I had called him before and after each drill weekend. He would tell me that he would be there. He would offer the same excuse for missing each time: He was busy last time and could not make time from work, etc.

This was at the end of 1999 when many were making a lot of money and would not excuse themselves from their work for families, or church, or the like.

I drove to see him - four hours and a speeding ticket there - in an attempt to "bring him back." I found that he was managing two chain restaurants and opening a third. This was his career. I understand that running a restaurant can be demanding and that opening one is more so. To me, that was still no reason to break his contractual obligations, not to mention his sacred oath.

To him, that was what "paid his bills" and was therefore where his heart should lay. He briefly made reference to his past good work with the Marine Corps.

I collected his uniforms and gear and explained that given his desertion, his previous good work "bought him nothing."

He was later given an Other Than Honorable discharge.

That is how I view John Murtha and Harry Reid and many others in Congress. Despite what good they may have done in the service, or private career, or even in Congress, their words and actions taken against our servicemen and against the United States of America make them Phony Politicians.


Weetabix said...

"Phony Politician" may be redundant. I can't say I trust any of them, but the traitors like Reid and Murtha really make my blood boil.

What I'd really like to see is an "Honorable Politician," though I'm not sure he'd survive.

Shawn McManus said...


Blogger just barfed on my reply.

Shawn McManus said...

I was saying that I have Representative Michael Burgess who scores about 95% with me.

I also have Senators John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison. They score about 90% and 80% with me.

They've each had to compromise more than they'd like, I believe. Although they are still about as good as I could hope to have.

GWB usually scores around a 25% with me but since the immigration Hydra has been rearing its ugly heads, he's been hitting about 20%