Thursday, October 18, 2007

Barbequing Sacred Cows

...and while on the topic of health care...

I know of Ann Coulter through numerous venues. I have, however, never read any of her books. It seems that they would be the kind that are churned quickly, poorly edited, have few pages, and have lettering with a big font and big margins.

I could be wrong. I am nearly certain that I would agree with her on almost any point. I may word things differently but then again, I may not.

For the moment, I will borrow one of her analogies and use her nearly exact words.

When she was critical of the 9/11 widows when they had supported John Kerry for President, she was attacked by many for speaking ill of them.

She then clarified what Democrats were doing and why she was critical. She said that democrats will use anyone that they can, preferrably with the worst "sob stories" to get support. She said that they do this for two reasons: People will feel sorry for them and side with them and also, they cannot be rebutted. It becomes politically incorrect to rebut them. Anyone speaking against them is painted as a bigot or racist or as callous or a Bad Person.

These are sacred cows.

The North Vietnamese did something like this during the Vietnam War. If they could not win militarily, they could at least win a propaganda victory. If the Democrats cannot win with logic; they must resort to using sacred cows that may not be refuted.

In this case, their "cow" was a child by the name of Graeme Frost. (If his name is misspelled, then it is misspelled across the internet.)

They had him speak on a radio program for a childrens' insurance program, SCHIP. He declared that it kept him recover from brain injuries after an accident. Anyone speaking against him, or even questioning his validity and eligibility was immediately attacked.

Nancy Pelosi said of Rush Limbaugh, "hate radio has made a vicious attack."

NRO was asked, "Why do you hate children so much?" That is a question like, "Are you still beating your wife?" Only a full response can be given to answer it but, at least with Democrats, it falls on deaf ears.

This leaves those who are less patient to light a fire and set to slaughtering the sacred cows.

One option that was not mentioned by Graeme Frost was the possibility of a charity assisting the family. This would not sit well with the "nanny statists" who would argue that a government entitlement program is needed because, "there may not be a charity that would offer that." It does not sit well with the power drunk socialists who will not abide others providing for the children's healthcare - much like they hate people who protect themselves.

It would be nice if neither were an option but if only given the two, I would rather Graeme Frost suffer from brain damage than the taxes of others used to pay for his therapy.

I do not hate kids, but I do hate sacred cows.

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Weetabix said...

I hate that the nannies employ sacred cows to enforce the idea that the government have more power so it can step in to "solve" every tragedy.

Sometimes a tragedy is just a tragedy, and it's bad luck.

In January, an ice storm dropped a tree on my house and did some damage. I couldn't really afford it. It took money out of our food budget, and we had a tight time.

Did the government heartlessly allow my children to starve!?!?

I suppose you could look at it that way. Me? I figure we tightened our belts and made do.

Graeme's problem is a bigger deal, but it's the same principle. Sometimes tragedy happens. Deal with it and move on. You'll be stronger for it.