Sunday, October 21, 2007

He's Outta Here

Texas Governor Rick Perry needs to find a new job.

It was with much trepidation that he was elected in the last election. Just recently, on August 29th, he officially told Mexico that America does not need a border fence. He also called those opposing him as being "guilty of mean rhetoric."

Unfortunately for him, only the vast majority of Texas residents, Republican, Democrat, independant, yellow, brown, black, and white, oppose illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is on par with gay marriage in the State of Texas. (The amendment to the Texas Constitution formally stating that Texas will not recognize gay marriages was passed by 72%.)

In the last gubernatoral campaign, there were some running against him that held more conservative views. There were some that held more libertarian views. He was still elected but managed less than 40% of the popular vote.

The combined votes of the other two running as conservative independants made more than 30% of the popular vote.

Anyone that wishes to beat him - or keep him from running - in the 2010 election just needs to be hard against immigration and generally support otherwise conservative and/or libertarian values. It would help if he is in the Republican primary.

In the mean time, Governor Perry, please call Rudy Giuliani. He will need a Vice Presidential candidate.

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