Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Senate bill S.1639 has me seeing red.

I am a sensible man but after today's cloture vote in the Senate, I would not mind hearing that Kennedy, Clinton, McCain, or even GWB was found in the Potomac.


Weetabix said...

I find myself in an upsetting position on this. My Republican senator, Kit "Quisling" Bond, voted for cloture saying that he would work to defeat the bill by getting an amendment put in that would remove all amnesty. He's an idiot. They'll never leave that amendment in, and now, they only need 51 votes rather than 60 to pass it.

On the other hand, my Democratic Senator, Claire McCaskill, voted against it and vows to continue working to defeat it. I heard her on the radio this morning with a local talk radio guy, and she sounded rational and right.

My world is upside down.

I understand, though, that there are one or two more cloture votes to go through before they actually vote on passage?

Do you know anywhere to find a primer on how the Congess and Senate work (procedurally) as they go about their business of fouling America?

Shawn McManus said...

For a rather exhaustive look at the Senate, check out Riddick: http://www.gpoaccess.gov/riddick/browse.html

It will give you a good overview and let you get into more detail.

The Immigration Bill has not gone through the "normal" procedures for the Senate though. It did not go through sub-committee. It received its first cloture vote the day it was introduced (it was voted down).

There is little "normal" about this bill in the Senate.