Wednesday, May 02, 2007

He Is Right about That

I really have a problem with Gov. Rick Perry of Texas. Like myself, he is a Republican. Often unlike myself, he is not a republican. And often, not a conservative. But he did get this one right.

Of course, the DMN had to end it with a self-proclaimed gun rights advocate saying that he is wrong. When it comes to guns, I generally do not have a problem with most Texas Democrats. I would have to know more about the DMN champion before yelling about him.

My view is that private property rights trump all. If a business, church, or even bar allows for its employees, members, or patrons to carry in whatever manner they see fit, it is no business of the State of Texas. Likewise, if they wish to disallow it, offenders may be prosecuted in a civil court - but not criminal. I extend this to shopping malls and private schools among other places.

Other governement run facilities or semi-run facilities, such as prisons, secure areas of airports outsite of federally secured areas, and public schools should allow CHL holders to carry there.

I am in general not a proponent of concealed carry licenses period. I think that they are as un-Constitutional as a blogging licenses and religion taxes. I firmly believe that anyone not on probation or permanently barred from possessing a firearm should be able to carry openly or concealed. Even in such a scenario, I think would still be a need for licenses for places within Texas - prisons, courthouses, etc. - as well as for reciprocity with other states that do not have "free carry."

That could also be the ground for a rights vs law debate.

I realize that it is a long way off but something that I hope to see in my lifetime.

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