Saturday, May 19, 2007

Don't Vote for Him Then

I get really upset about people afraid to say things that are true about politicians for fear that they will go to jail or be ridiculed or have their browsers crash on them or or or...

I meant to post this before my local election but Blogger seems to have a problem with Netscape. Perhaps they just do not want anything negative said about homosexuals. In any case, if you have a problem with a homosexual in office, do not vote for him.

Chris Moss is a homosexual. He will not say it but he is. I will not vote for him because he will not separate his culture from his politics. While this is common with openly homosexual politicians, this is not a blanket statement about them.

If you have a problem with homosexuals in public office, do not vote for them and do not vote for Chris Moss.

UPDATE: Chris Moss has entered a runoff election with David Prince. I take this opportunity to reiterate: Do not vote for Chris Moss. He is a homosexual who will likely use his office to promote his culture.

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