Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

I again find myself wondering about the use of the word "Happy" to preceed "Memorial Day" in greeting.

I still contend that it is not only proper but appropriate as well.

This year I am going to "go one further." Other countries should be wishing us a happy Memorial Day. Especially those who we have "invaded."

We have made extraordinary efforts to keep civilian suffering to a minimum in Iraq and Afghanistan and often to our detriment. Countries that have been touched by American Servicemen in the last one hundred years are among the most prosporous and free in the world.

I will admit, there are exceptions. These are not the fault of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines. These are the fault of politicians and a public so woefully ill-informed. These are the fault of moral cowards.

We have the ability to destroy cities from a far but instead remove our enemies by hand.

I know that there will be few outside of the United States that wish us a Happy Memorial Day. Instead of focusing on them, or on politicians, or journalists, or anyone else, I will choose to remember the fallen and be grateful that there are still free men who will die in our defense.

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