Thursday, May 28, 2009


(I originally asked this in a politics forum to someone working for the census bureau but never received a reply.)

"Here's something that's bothering me. Illegal aliens get counted in the census. However, they are not legally allowed to vote. If there is no way to determine who's legal and who isn't by the census, aren't the census numbers skewed when determining representatives for an area?

It seems people who live in an area with heavy illegal concentrations will have more influence over those with less. (E.g. 1 U.S. rep / 690,000 people. If 1/3 of the people in a given district are illegal and can technically not vote, doesn't that give the other 2/3 greater influence than areas that have almost no illegals?)"

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Anonymous said...

I think the statement illegal aliens are counted by the census is untrue. I think the census wants us to believe this, but most illegal aliens are not going to volunteer their info to a census taker.