Saturday, January 24, 2009

Random Thoughts

I know it has been too long since I have posted. I have been busy and it looks like it is only going to get busier. Since I do not have any me clones lying around, I shall continue the sucking of it up.

Too many things have been happening as of late though to not make at least cursory mention.

The first: Many conservatives I know have stated that they harbor no ill-will toward Obama and that they wish him success.

If the measure of “success” is how much of his agenda is implemented as was enumerated on or, then I do not. I wish him little success at all. Outside of pursuing Al Qaeda, I cannot think of anything on his agenda I would like to see implemented. In fact, I wish him to be the failure that we have been told George W. Bush was/is by every TLA news agency for the last eight years.

The second: I do not much buy into the conspiracy theories around the oath of office being repeated. I have heard that the second oath was not taken with a Bible.

I am of the opinion that anyone who has as little regard of the Constitution as Obama has (see or for evidence of this) is not going to be bothered in the least by violating his oath of office.

It will probably be sometime before anyone finds a Bible in the White House now as well.

The third: Hey Republicans in Congress! Lock arms! We lost because we, as a party, are not conservative and you did not fight for our principles.

It is impossible to out-liberal democrats and we should not even try anyway.

One audacious hope that I have is that enough of you have discovered how this game is being played. Only allow those items that are solidly based in our Constitution to be made law. Block everything else. Even if it is for “the good of the country”, block it. Do not let the Democrats in Congress or the President receive credit for anything. Do not do anything about social security. Do not do anything about infrastructure.

This means sub-trillion annual budgets. This means states and local governments will have to take action during emergencies. This means you will finally be playing by the same rules as Democrats and for once, that might actually be good.

The fourth: Late night comedians, Pelosi, Reid, et. al. Give It Up! George W. Bush may well have fouled a great many things as President. However, he is more and will always be more like Abraham Lincoln than Obama.

Lincoln was extremely unpopular but held the nation together despite incredible difficulties.

George W. Bush has been berated and ridiculed globally by every media form imaginable. Yet, the United States has not been attacked* since 9/11 and has not become a police state. Many may argue the latter but the freedoms we still enjoy are undeniable.

I can only see both the United States being attacked as well as gross abridgements of our freedoms under an Obama administration.

Additionally, for the comedians… The “W” jokes are amusing at best but have long since lost their humor. At least try to develop some original material. Failing the latter, please choose a different mark.

George W. Bush deserves a lot of criticism but for entirely different reasons.

*I realize that the United States embassy in Yemen was attacked in September of last year and that the embassy is considered U.S. soil. When I say “has not been attacked” I am primarily referring to States and the Capitol. I should also be noted here that the organizer of the attacked was released from the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center in 2007.


Weetabix said...

Agreed on all points from busy-ness to the comedians.

I hope your busy-ness and mine lead to piles of filthy lucre.

Good to hear from you.

Shawn McManus said...

Thanks, Weet.

*hold up glass*

Here's to more money than we can possibly spend and the Fed can possibly take.

Weetabix said...

Sadly, I begin to believe there's no limit to what they can take.

Perhaps if we keep our heads down, they won't notice us?