Friday, March 28, 2008

Like Father, Like Son

I often hear people referring to how America's Founding Fathers did not intend for x-y-or-z.  Many people, myself included, respect that.  I believe the Federalist Papers should be required reading and be understood to get a college degree.

On occasion, I hear people say that what the Country's Founding Fathers intended is irrelevant.  They say that we should judge the circumstances of today and structure our laws and governance according to what we believe is best for today.  These people often think of the Constitution as a living document with little need to rewrite any of it.

For those that do respect the Constitution, they believe that we should make amendments "correcting" much of it.

Since the start of this election season, I have been reflecting on much of this.  While there are the presidential candidates' views on our Constitution to consider, even local and state

 representatives and politicians of every stripe have  left me wanting.

A local politician, Angie Chen Button, has a radio ad stating that she is a "true conservative."  They then mention how her opponent wanted to close public schools and that he carried a gun to work.

I think of myself as a true conservative and believe that there are many public schools that should be closed.  There are many public education programs that need to be dismantled.  I believe that there are problems with public education that have resulted from it being over-funded.

I carry a gun.  I carry at work when it does not contradict my employers wishes.  (While I believe the right to self defense, I also believe in private property rights and the respect of them.)

According to Mrs Button, that is "strange behavior."  I cannot be certain but I would be willing to guess she has never been at work when someone has opened fire.  I would also wager a bet that she has never had to pull her child from a good private school because she had to pay public school taxes instead.  (As a side note, I have no problem saying that public schools are not good enough for my children.)

John McCain supports a line item veto.  I actually agree with him on this matter.  Where I disagree is the implementation of it.  He would be perfectly fine with Congress passing a law allowing the line item veto.  I believe that it can only legitimately come by Constitutional Amendment.

I fear that there are few "main stream" politicians with any regard for the Constitution.  Even those that usually adhere to conservative principles will disregard the Constitution when it suits them.

I have considered today's circumstances.  Even though cell phones, ICBM's, the internet, and carrier groups were likely never conceived by the Founding Fathers, their principles hold just as true today as they did 200 years ago.  They are just as relevant today as they ever were and perhaps even more so.

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Weetabix said...

The Federalist Papers have been on my list for quite some time. I'll try to drag them out.