Thursday, March 20, 2008

Difficult Question Time IV

What conditions would persuade you to vote for Obama for President in November?
What conditions would persuade you to vote for Hillary for President in November?

If you are a liberal or a Democrat, what conditions would persuade you to vote for McCain in November?

Initially, I thought to myself, "Self... It is going to be hard enough voting for McCain. You (i.e. me) just can't do it."

Then I thought that there has to be something that would ultimately persuade me.

My main thought on McCain is that if the issues were not weighted, i.e. if every issue meant the same to me as every other issue, McCain would be hitting around eighty percent with me. He would hit higher than George W. Bush did when he was running. However, there are too many issues that are dear to me to hold McCain in any great esteem.

Yet, all it takes for me to vote for him is to have either Hillary or Obama run against him. The oceans could rise twenty feet around the world and we would still be better situated than if Obama won.

Putting aside any suicidal tendancies with the Democrats - such as "I'd vote for Hillary if she'd kill herself!" - what would it take for me to vote for either of them.

With little variation, the answer is the same for both: They would have to go to every gun owner and apologize for their "gun-grabbing" legislation. They would have to go to every diplomat at the United Nations and tell them that the United States will no longer support them and they must leave New York. They would have to go to every business, large and small and otherwise, and swear upon pain of death they would lower corporate taxes. They would have to go to every tax payer and insist that they would not raise taxes and would reduce government programs. (If any of the previous sounds like William Wallace ala "Braveheart" please bear with me.)

Of course, I think it is more likely that they would kill themselves before doing any of the aforementioned acts. I state that they would "say anything" to get elected but I seriously doubt they would do any of that.


Weetabix said...

Your conditions sound good, though I have to agree they'd kill themselves first.

Bad thing is, if they kill themselves, we get President Pelosi. (shudder)

Shawn McManus said...

Actually, I'm hoping they do it before the elections.

Failing that, my audacious hope is that McCain gets a conservative VP and wins the election and goes for a drive with Ted Kennedy. Clinton and Obama can ride in the back and, with any luck, we'll never see them running for office again.

Weetabix said...

McCain, Clinton, and Obama riding with Kennedy...

You've given me a new Happy Place.