Monday, August 27, 2007

Dad's Response

I asked my dad this question from Difficult Question Time (I).

His response was more measured than mine. He would not kill the intruder, at least at first. He would waste no time. He said that he would sink the butt of the pistol an inch into the intruders skull, effectively knocking him unconscious and, at a minimum, requiring a long hospital stay. He would then check on his daughter.

If his daughter was hurt, or being hurt, in any way, he would not kill the other intruder if he could help it but similarly wound him. Before anything else, he would then find any others and do the same.

Had his daughter been hurt, he would first make arrangements for her care (hospital if necessary or bandage if she had a knife held to her throat but was not molested in any other fashion).

He would then have at the intruders in ways that would make the most ruthless inquistors look more like Christmas carolers.

As much as I would like to exact my revenge in a gruesome manner, I think that I would still just shoot all of them on site.

Knowing my dad, I have no problem believing that he would take his time. Ya gotta love him.

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Weetabix said...

Sounds like your dad is a good guy.