Monday, August 20, 2007

Adding to the Inventory

So tonight I went shooting with seven other people. One was my regular shooting buddy in the Seattle area. Another was the Ghanaian I had taken shooting about six weeks ago. The rest are as follows:

1 x Island Girl (from Guam / never shot previously)
1 x Asianese Girl (originally from China but was raised from infancy in the Pacific Northwest / shot a few times previously / engaged to...)
1 x Asianese Guy (from Hawaii / also shot previously / will now be buying a gun)
1 x Washatonianesian (gun collector and occasional shooter), and
1 x Microsoft Employee (never fired a handgun but had shot .22 rifles and shotguns as a boy / teen)

I know I have exceeded my own quota but fortunately, that quota is not for a maximum but a minimum.

The downside to today's post is that the shooting team for my daughter's school is likely not going to come to fruition because of the costs involved. If anyone knows of a *very* reasonably priced rifle / trap / skeet range in the Frisco / Plano, TX area, please let me know. The closest I have found is in Garland and it may still cost too much. I need to see if they will offer a yearly rate. I also need to find bulk, surplus twenty guage ammunition for the kidlets. I can carry the cost of .22LR.

In the mean time take someone shooting, teach a kid to shoot, and keep the shots in the black.


Weetabix said...

Any chance you could round up some sponsors for the school shooting team?

Sporting goods stores, gun stores, parents, etc?

Shawn McManus said...

As soon as I'm back in town I'll be checking on that. I'm sure I can negotiate a good rate for a range. Ammunition and rifles/shotguns are going to be a bit trickier.