Monday, December 11, 2006

Supreme Irrelevancy

I've heard that there may be an odd chance that the USSC may hear a case to determine whether or not the 2nd Amendment may be relevant today.

First: If the 2nd Amendment is irrelevant, it is up to Congress and the States to decide this through the Amendment Process.

Second: Regardless of what the USSC says and even what may be brought through the nullification of the 2nd Amendment through a "legitimate" process, people, both criminals and the otherwise law abiding, will still carry guns.

If you are someone who falls into the latter category from above, I encourage you to do so regardless of what your local laws may be.

Samuel Jackson may be turning in his grave, but the USSC does have a limited ability to enforce its rulings. However, since Kelo, I have had little regard for the opionions of the Supreme Court.

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