Thursday, September 28, 2006

Making It Official

Just for the record:

I support the troops.

For example, without further information, I do not think that the Marines in Haditha are guilty of murder, even if they killed women and children. In case anyone does not know, here is a fact: Women and children can wield weapons and can kill with them too. Women and children can plant IED's. Marines in combat do not have the luxury of time to wonder if the seven-year-old boy aiming the AK at them is really a bad person or if someone put him up to it. It may turn out that is not the case. I will reserve judgement until after the trials. Even then, I may still reserve judgement.

I also support the war in Iraq.

Ground invasion of Iraq has been justified since 1998 when Saddam Hussein kicked out weapons inspectors. This is after having denied them access and misled them for years. No justification by George W. Bush was needed. No amount of pre-war intelligence was required - or what is called "pre-war intelligence" - other than what was needed to invade.

Everyone who argues that war in Iraq was not justified because Iraq had no ties to 9/11 is arguing against a straw man. The U.S. President is also at fault for arguing with them.

I am upset with certain elements of how this war is being "managed." This is primarily centered on our current ROE and treatment of our enemy. However, neither are cause to withdraw support for this war.

Few things are as repugnant as the "well things aren't going good so let's go home and hope for the best" mentality.

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