Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Second Blog (a.k.a. First Blog v 1.1)

From Reader Mike McDaniel at Kim du Toit's site*.

My wants:

1. Formal acknowledgement of the 2nd Amendment as an individual right. Criminal prosecution for any Federal, state, or local official attempting to implement or enforce a law in violation thereof.

2. National preemptive act. What legitimate interest the Government has in firearms - keeping them out of the hands of felons and the incompent, maybe proof laws - should be purely at the Federal level. A preemtive act kills the crazywork quilt of state and local laws, many of which are far more repressive than the Federal regulations. Besides, it’s a backup for #1.

3. National shall-issue carry. With specific provisions that CCW cannot be prohibited in public places. Yeah, I know that #1 overrides, but let’s go with belt-and-braces. And a backup gun.

4. Reform of the National Firearms Act of 1934. In particular, repeal of all amendments passed AFTER 1934. We can buy off on a background check for people buying a machine gun, but the business of not being able to manufacture has driven prices into orbit.

5. A national range construction program. I see tax dollars being squandered on baseball fields and basketball courts - how about spending a few of MY tax dollars on ME for a change.

* The above is the copywrited material of Kim du Toit (his name may be copywrited as well - I don't know, I've never published anything before and don't know if names are automatically copywrited or if it is just the names of the sites**.)

** Actually I know the site is copywrited*** but I'm not posting any of his content with the exception of the above content which was from a thread on his blog. I don't recall seeing that saying about "any reproduction has to be pre-approved in triplicate..." but I'm sure it's there somewhere and suppose I'll find out soon enough if I'm sued****.

*** If you haven't already, you should check out the site. Start off by reading The Gun Thing essays.

**** Although that would be a complete waste of time. Remember the first law in litigation: "Never, ever sue poor people."

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