Wednesday, March 16, 2005

First Blog

Gun Rights agenda:

1. Get open carry across the United States.
2. Get interstate agreements for CCW. E.g. a concealed carry permit in Texas will allow for concealed carry in Florida.
3. Get CCW in every state.
4. Get gun manufacturers to produce an affordable (less than $300) military style rifle in multiple calibres and configurations.
5. Get highschool and college competitions, winter and summer biathlons, and mass sponsored events with said rifles.
6. Get non-permit CCW passed in every state, like what was recently passed in Vermont. (Law officers should just take it for granted that anyone that they pull over is carrying concealed and that carrying concealed IS NOT BAD. Many of them are already trained to do so.)

Other plans:
Make checking a weapon on board an aircraft easier.
Make transporting ammunition easier. (Folks going the the Boomershoot would find this handy.)
Push the mentality that every responsible adult should carry. (Beslan wouldn't have happened if all of the parents had been armed. Fewer children would disappear from playgrounds if more parents there were armed.)
Make public ranges as common as public basketball courts. There's a good use of tax dollars. And if I had an apartment complex, I'd have a private range just as I'd have a private gym and laundry.

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