Friday, November 07, 2008

Perspective for My German Friends

I have relatives that are German. Although I do not know their thoughts on the United States elections, I know that one (very close relative) did not like George W. Bush. He could not give any particular reason why he did not. I think he simply took the news that was reported at face value. Of course, the European news agencies are never biased.

For him and those Germans who are my friends but do not understand my dislike for Senator Barack Obama let me draw an analogy:

First the roles of the German Federal Chancellor and German President have been combined into the role of the Federal Chancellor. German law requires that this person be native-born to Germany as well.

Imagine a councilman from the Bundesrat who, after less than a single year decided to run for Federal Chancellor. Furthermore, this councilman had not created any meaningful legislation with the possible exception of naming a stretch of the autobahn. He also told his constituents that he would be serving a full term before even considering another office.

Now imagine that there are nearly ten million Turks living in Germany illegally. Most of these Turks are refusing to learn the German language. Most of them work manual labor but a very high percentage is there for organized crime.

This councilman of your now tells you that it is inconsiderate for Germans to expect the Turks to learn the German language but instead, Germans should be teaching their children the Turkish language.

Now imagine that this council man is pledging five hundred billion Euros to the European Union to expand the Union’s influence.

This councilman then travels to the United States and gives a speech to hundreds of thousands. He tells them that Germans know that many view them as the source of the world’s problems. He says that the United States and Germany must stand together despite our differences. He says that Germany must work as the United States has toward lofty, yet incalculable goals.

In Germany, the ddp, KNA, German Press, French Press, Reuters, Associated Press, and even sid only report the favorable information about him. None of them ever report anything substantial regarding him or his past. None of them question his background.

A German court requires him to prove his citizenship. There is a (very legitimate) question regarding his place of birth. There is evidence he may have been born not only outside of Germany, but outside of Europe entirely (probably in Mexico). Instead of providing proof of his place of birth, his campaign works with the governments of his claimed birth state and the government of Mexico to secure all records.

This man accepts money for his campaign from outside of Germany. Indeed, he takes it from any source at all, contrary to German law. Ten percent is known to be illegally contributed and nearly half is suspect.

There are many other problems with this man. His allies in parliament are discussing taking privately owned accounts of German citizens and spending that money on any number of social programs, ostensibly to “buy votes.” In addition to the already high taxes, German people will be required to work for the state for two to three weeks of the year under this man’s legislative plans. He promises that Germany will be attacked and that German citizens will not like his response but they must support him. German citizens are not allowed to be cynical of this new government.

Had I heard of such a man taking the highest office in Germany, I would have heart-felt sorrow for Germany.

The man I describe is Barack Obama. This is his government in his own words.


Weetabix said...

I find your clear-eyed and complete analyses depress me.

Shawn McManus said...

Sorry 'bout that, Weet. Being clear-eyed isn't bringing a smile to my face either.