Wednesday, May 21, 2008

That Screams “Wimp” to Me

I heard Obama mention he had been to the other “57 states” in the Union. He was referring to the Continental United States, i.e. all states except for Alaska and Hawaii. I think it was Oregon that he had not visited yet or was visiting at the time.

Obviously, he meant to say “47”.

His staff dismissed it as fatigue, saying he was campaigning hard and was tired. In other words, “Of course he isn’t that stupid.”

He also mentioned that he would have gone to Alaska and Hawaii but his staff would not let him.

This is what the statement says to me:

Either Obama does not “have the horses” to President – an extremely physically and mentally demanding position – or is unable to manage his time well enough to take a nap.

I have known several non-commissioned officers and junior officers that would remain awake for days because they did not want to appear weak. This resulted in them being ineffectual and fatigued. More experienced Marines would ensure that not only their Marines were rested enough to operate but that they were as well.

In short, this says that he is either too weak or too immature for a leadership position.

The part about not “being allowed” to go to Alaska or Hawaii is bothersome too. He is campaigning for President. Yet, staffers tell him he cannot go. As President, would he let staffers tell him what he can and cannot do? Would he let an accountant dictate financial policy to him? Would he let a contractor dictate what to build? Would he let the maids and janitors dictate where he must sleep and defecate?

I can foresee him having a press conference saying, “We were going to patrol the Persian Gulf but Saudi Arabia said we couldn’t. So we didn’t.”

The United States does not need a President who needs to be coddled and told what to do.

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