Tuesday, February 06, 2007

And I Voted This < radio edit > Back into Office?

Gov. Rick Perry signed an executive order requiring girls entering into sixth grade to get the HPV vaccination. This is wrong on so many levels and the fact that he was the "conservative" candidate just makes it all the worse.

My response: "Hey Governor Perry! Go Pound Sand!"

Apparently, the same crowd that caws "keep your laws off my body" about abortion were in favor for this.

My Senator, Jane - I couldn't ask for better - Nelson, was quick to respond with diplomatic common sense.

My daughter, in sixth grade this year, will not be getting this vaccine. There are so many reasons not to do so. If that means I am breaking the law, sobeit. I may get in to the reasons for Why This Is Bad later. In the mean time, if I happen to see Gov. Perry, I'll congratulate him on winning the election and his many impressive accomplishments. Then I'll kick him in the nuts.

UPDATE: Apparently I'm not breaking the law. He is still a nincompoop for it though. I will definitely have to get in to the reasons for it but for now, Gov. Perry, your nuts are safe.

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