Monday, June 12, 2006

Perishing from Earth

A recent article describing Sen. McCain's changing positions on a number of issues - gun issues in particular - made me think of something that Sen John Kerry mentioned when running for president.

He was talking about support of a new assault weapons ban and that police chiefs that he had met were asking him for it.

Alberto Gonzales also stated his support for a renewed weapons ban. He shared that his brother was a S.W.A.T. officer in Texas and that he would like one.

I understand that our police officers are citizens and their opinions are valid. What bothers me is that their opinions carry more weight with some politicians than other citizens'. Our country is not a nation of the police, by the police, and for the police.

In general, it bothers me that many politicians think it acceptable and even required to discuss restricting our liberties with select groups. It is especially repugnant given the nature of the legislation.

We have seen the same now with taxing political speech of churches and blogs. Who was consulted before McCain - Feingold passed?

Any time new laws are passed and new regulations are made, we need to ask and have answered in whose interest they are made.

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